About my Akashic readings

Reading akashic records is a way to learn more about our soul and discover the reason for some personal problems. It is a wonderful and beautiful tool, it shows us that we are all connected and that from love and without judging we can heal and gain a greater understanding of our human lives.

Akashic" comes from ākāśa (akasha), a term from the ancient Sanskrit language of India and means soul, space, sky or ether. It is the library of all the knowledge, experiences, memories, acts, feelings, emotions, actions, thoughts that each one of us has experienced from all our existences since the beginning of time, they are basically the memory records of the soul.

Akashic records are a gateway to our interior. We can find what in conventional therapies would be impossible to clarify to close our conflicts.

My purpose is to be the vehicle to open the records of the interested person, channeling the information received and delivering it as it is.

The purpose of this therapy is to offer help to understand the reason for certain things, taking into account that the guides cannot intervene freely. They are only there to deliver the information you need at that moment. This will generate an expansion of your consciousness and a greater connection with yourself and with the universe, since the records are at a very high frequency.

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