About Margaux da Silva

Margaux is a Board Certified Hypnosis Therapist. american board of hypnosis. It also develops in Akashic readings and performs intuitive energy work.

Through her own experiences, Margaux developed a need to create a space for people who need to heal.

She deeply longs to help people find themselves and live a fulfilling life. Part of her goal is to guide each of them to awaken and be free of everything that may be limiting them.

Listen to me

I can direct you to wake up and be free from everything that may be limiting you.

Margaux method

Margaux's goal is to help you get on track. That together you can find the root of your dilemmas or problems. His desire is to give you the necessary tools so that you can cope with any situation that generates anxiety, fear, phobias, depression, etc. It is about freeing yourself and being autonomous when identifying your triggers and thus continue healing from consciousness.

Her work method is personalized and created based on the needs of each person, she has a great ability to connect and perceive, being able to read and identify the needs of each person. During the sessions you will receive meditation and breathing exercises as well as other tools so that you can better manage any difficulties you may be experiencing.

My services

There is no better time like the presentYou are master of your own destiny. Remaining in pain and suffering is optional, healing is your responsibility and your birthright. We are here to experience, to feel and find harmony with all aspects of who we are and the life we choose to live. Give yourself permission to open up and get to know yourself even more.

Margaux DaSilva


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