Margaux Da Silva: “I had to lose myself in order to find myself”

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They say that nobody changes overnight, but there comes a day when everything is different; the desire to break toxic cycles arises and with it the need and desire to start over and live again. This is precisely what the actress and hypnosis expert Margaux Da Silva experienced at the beginning of the pandemic, while she was navigating in a toxic relationship and without the rudder of the situation.

From great crises new beginnings are born

In addition to being involved in a toxic relationship, in 2020, her acting career came to a standstill after eight years. From that health crisis and that vicious cycle, he learned that he needed a change and with that came new beginnings. That is how he finds and immerses himself in the world of hypnosis and Akashic readings. “At that moment I had two options: let me fall and do nothing for myself and keep repeating toxic cycles or use that as gasoline and get out of the bottom; nourish myself with new things and help me and give people my helping hand. I had to lose myself to find myself,” Da Silva said.

She also added that: "While I was in so much pain and tearing myself apart, everything was placed in front of me to continue growing and connect even more with my spirituality, to strengthen myself and understand that when this situation was going to spit on me from the other side, I would be a new woman. I don't blame him because thanks to him I discovered myself and developed a strength that I didn't know, he was a teacher", he highlighted.

How does hypnosis help?

Hypnosis, Da Silva maintained, is a powerful tool, since it is based on taking you to a state of deep relaxation and reprogramming your subconscious and limiting beliefs, with positive affirmations. “The hypnotic state is extreme relaxation of focused attention. It's when your brain waves are in theta. You are in that state much more often than you can imagine; when you are about to wake up, when you watch a movie carefully, when you read a book or when you drive”.

a taboo subject

According to Da Silva, this is a taboo subject, especially in this country, and awareness must be raised. “Hypnosis does a job of reprogramming your subconscious. It is a focused concentration. In hypnosis you are constantly in control. You come out of the hypnosis state when you decide, but obviously it works because you decide to give in, give yourself up and flow with it," said Da Silva, who thinks that people's thinking must be restructured and made to understand that it is not a matter of magic.

Major cases

In consultation, the biggest cases that Da Silva attends are anxiety, insomnia and depression. “I understand that it has a lot to do with the lifestyle of the people, which goes very fast. People need to speak and be heard. Those who come for their first consultation cry, because they don't have a space to express themselves and a person to listen to them,” said Da Silva.

Find the root of a problem with hypnosis

“Hypnosis is also used to regress to childhood and find the root of a problem and reprogram the perspective. We can also find the root by doing regressions to past lives for those who do connect with it, understanding that all timelines coexist here and now," he said.


What impacts Da Silva the most is seeing how people arrive, and then, how they feel every week. “Change is very fast. They go to their first hypnosis session and come out feeling great. That is why many people are against it, because it is very effective, much more than many treatments. What happens is that if I can help you feel better in less than a month, and you don't need me afterwards, this is not profitable for many people”, highlighted Da Silva.

Essential elements to start the day

You have to start the day with gratitude and smiling. “One of the first things I have you do when you get up and you feel your body waking up is to put your hand on your chest, take a deep breath and smile. Also, say five things for which you feel grateful. That resets your whole day," he said.


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