Margaux Da Silva finds in hypnotherapy the peace she was looking for

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Like many Hollywood actors, actress Margaux Da Silva has found hypnosis a powerful tool, leading her to a state of deep relaxation, as well as allowing her to reprogram her subconscious and limiting beliefs with positive affirmations.

With hypnosis, Da Silva went one step further, becoming internationally certified as a hypnotherapist at the American Institute of Hypnosis, American Board of Hypnosis. He explained to Que Pasa that through his experiences he understood that he was capable of helping many people through love and healing.

“I knew that hypnosis was a door to initiate so many things that I wanted to do, so I also trained in Akashic readings, allowing me to express myself in my entirety, connecting with others at an even deeper level”.

But how did it all start? The interpreter born in Brazil and resident for years in the Dominican Republic, revealed that during the pandemic she was going through a situation with her partner at that time, a relationship that became toxic.

“My soul needed something new, something to connect with, something that would give me purpose, help me heal, allow me to focus on other things, and develop my spiritual branch, but I was too afraid to do it in a professional way,” he says. .

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“One morning I was having my coffee, I opened Instagram, and an international hypnosis certification appeared, which has always caught my attention. When I saw that it was so clear and I said: 'ok, I know that this is the door to many things', and well, that's where I started, got certified and it's been an incredible experience so far”, said Da Silva, who highlighted that the spirituality has always been a part of it.

One before and one after

He added that this has defined a before and after in his life, as it allowed him to “understand myself even more, to know what my strengths are, that I am capable of many things, and to develop my self-esteem. As a result of that I am able to help many people, this has definitely changed all the perspectives about me, my life, my doubts, my fears, insecurities, and above all my abilities”.


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