About QHT

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) is a technique developed by American hypnotist and author Dolores Cannon over 45 years ago. It consists of a deep relaxation process leading the person to a deep state of sleepwalking trance which we experience twice a day.

One when you are about to wake up and the other when you are about to fall into a deep sleep are natural states. It is a powerful tool to access that part of ourselves that knows everything and has been called "The Higher Self", "The Higher Soul", even the "Soul" itself.

Many of our physical and personal problems have an emotional origin. Just pull the thread until you find the knot to undo it. That is what the QHHT technique also achieves: helping you understand so that the problem disappears.

We all have answers and solutions. It's as simple as it sounds. We have put on layers and layers, and we have buried ourselves in them. That is why sometimes it is so difficult to bring them to light, but with this method we can also bring them out.

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