About Family Constellation

The family constellation is a type of family systemic psychotherapy developed by the psychoanalyst Bert Hellinger. Many times we experience situations in family relationships, as a couple or in the workplace that manifest as emotional, mental and/or physical problems.

Many times, despite trying to obtain positive results, many of these situations cannot be explained at the present time or have always been present. It could lead us to understand that something happened in the history of our near or distant ancestors. Belonging to the family links us with bonds of love and loyalty. This force is so great that it can lead us to repeat tragic destinies in a completely unconscious way.

This therapy has a very quick result, during a constellation the true issue causing the problem exposed by the consultant comes to light. This process not only affects the consultant but also his entire family system, since when an element in the system moves, everything is organized in its place, restoring a balance.

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