Disclaimer for therapeutic accompaniment services with organic products

I DECLARE as customer I freely and voluntarily, in full use of my mental faculties and legal capacity, acknowledge and accept the following terms and conditions in relation to the Therapeutic Accompaniment services provided by Margaux Gallo Da Silva (the companion), in the context of the use of organic products for therapeutic purposes. Services include, but are not limited to:

  1. Personalized Guide: The companion is committed to providing personalized guidance based on the client's individual needs to carry out a successful therapeutic process. This involves helping the client prepare to connect with the plant and discern the healing goals through that process.
  2. Breathing Guidance: The companion will offer breathing exercises to help the client be more in touch with their body and mind.
  3. Music therapy: Music will be used as an integral part of the therapeutic process to sharpen the senses and trigger emotions and sensations that contribute to the healing process. The client will be helped to prepare a musical playlist according to their therapeutic needs.
  4. Accompaniment in Person or by Video Call: The companion offers the option of assisting the client in person as a guide or providing support via video call, recognizing the importance of the client feeling safe in the process.
  5. Experience Review: A detailed review of everything experienced will be carried out during the 4-5 hours of the therapeutic session.
  6. Post Ceremony Accompaniment: Support will be provided for a week after the ceremony, as this is a crucial period in the process of assimilating the experience.

I declare, understand and accept that Margaux Gallo Da Silva does not market or facilitate the acquisition of any organic plants used in the therapeutic process and that its role is limited to providing support, accompaniment and inspection during the process. Therefore, the client assumes full responsibility for any risks associated with the use of the plant, including poisoning, side effects, illnesses, unwanted effects or even death.

Consequently, I exonerate Margaux Gallo Da Silva and its legal representatives from any legal or civil liability, as well as any right to file demands, claims or legal actions against them in relation to the aforementioned services.

This document has full legal effect and is a voluntary manifestation of acceptance of the terms and conditions described above.

This Release is granted the character of a Judgment with the authority of irrevocably res judicata in accordance with the provisions provided for by Article 2052 of the Civil Code of the Dominican Republic.

In the city of Santo Domingo, National District, Dominican Republic, on today's date that will be taken at the time of completing the following client identification form: